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About April - Your Consultant

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Skilled Business & Design Professional with over 10 Years' of Experience

April Kudwa is female entrepreneur pursuing her passions in Digital Design, Interior Design, Business Consulting, Commercial Acquisition Consulting and YouTube.

Outside of April's 'traditional' line of business April owns and operates two YouTube Channel Businesses and is a Law of Attraction Mentor, Author, Intuitive Energy Reader and Spiritual Guide. She combines spiritual awareness with business intelligence to formulate strategic business plans and guide those on a spiritual and personal development journey.

"I started working with April more than a year ago on a hotel deal that has its own unique complexities.  I was totally impressed with her knowledge and experience and creativity in problem solving. Hotel deals are among the most complicated of real estate transactions. April’s concentration in that type of product as to sales, purchases and development shows up in her competence and positive attitude."

Hal K.


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