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Professional Consultant

Professional Consultant

Franchise & Business Opportunities (570+)

Commercial Transactions

Residential & Commercial Renovation

Digital Design & Creation

Interior Design


Hi, I'm April! 
A Multi-Versed Business & Design Consultant

Whether you need assistance building a website, designing your digital marketing material, renovating your project, investing in the perfect franchise or are in need of an executive assistant on your acquisition or development project, April is the consultant for you!

How Can I Add Value To Your Business?

With a unique set of well versed skills, April is bound to enhance your business in a multitude of ways. From business opportunities to design creation, April will help take your business to the next level!

Franchise Business Opportunities (570+)

  • New Development Concept Integration & Lease-up

  • Pairing Investors with brands that compliment their success and passions inclusively. 

  • 570+ Brands in 75+ Industries

Commercial Transactions & Development

  • Commercial Transactions, Lending & Development Assistance 

  • Due Diligence, Property Transfers, Franchise Negotiation, PIP Renovations

  • New Development Owner's Representative

Residential & Commercial Renovation

  • Home Renovation Idea Board

  • Home Renovation Project Management

  • Hotel Renovation

  • Owner's Representative

Digital Design & Creation

  • Web Design

  • Marketing Materials (Posters, Pamphlets, Business Cards, Personal Portfolios)

  • Social Media

  • YouTube Thumbnails

  • Worksheet/Workbook Creation

  • Digital Documentation

  • Presentations

Interior Design

  • Interior Design Idea Board

  • 1-on-1 Shopping Excursion

  • Renovation Suggestions

  • Home Makeover

  • New Home Purchase

Executive Assistant

  • Project Management

  • Organize Paperwork & Documentation

  • Scheduling Assistant 

  • Office / Event Organization

  • Meeting Follow Up

  • Client Relations / Retention

  • Presentations

  • Documentation Creation

  • QuickBooks / Jobber

  • Account Collections

  • Account Reconciliation

  • Corporate Taxes

  • Account Management

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Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs

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"I started working with April more than a year ago on a hotel deal that has its own unique complexities.  I was totally impressed with her knowledge and experience and creativity in problem solving.  Hotel deals are among the most complicated of real estate transactions.  April’s concentration in that type of product as to sales, purchases and development shows up in her competence and positive attitude."

Hal K.


"April is a very talented and creative designer. She places attention on every detail in order to create the most eye catching and organized materials. Her work is truly one of a kind."

Carl K

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

"For several years now, April Kudwa has helped me with advertising and marketing design. Her
expertise has consistently provided me with material that has allowed me to achieve my
professional goals. Her work has been creative, eye catching and professional. The work was
well received within the expected timeline and for these reasons I will continue to invest in April
Kudwa as my professional design consultant."

Lyndsey S.

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